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Linda Walker Bynoe

Linda Walker Bynoe is President and Chief Executive Officer of TELEMAT LTD, a project management and consulting firm based in Chicago. She joined the firm in 1989, advising clients relating to strategic planning, capital restructuring and financial reporting . Ms. Bynoe has developed a unique and diverse portfolio of consulting experiences in numerous industry sectors.

From 1992 until 1999,  Ms. Bynoe  managed a private equity investment portfolio. She was responsible for asset allocation, analytical evaluation, tax structure, acquisitions and dispositions. The focus of transactions was providing capital to ventures in which the investor could obtain management/co-management responsibility or advisory access through a board of director’s seat. Joint venture partners were sought out depending on financial requirements and transaction size.

Ms. Bynoe’s current corporate board directorships include: Anixter International Inc. (January 2006),  a distributor of communication infrastructure products, serving as Chair of the Nominating and  Governance Committee; Equity Residential (December 2009), a real estate investment trust engaged in the ownership and management of residential real estate; Members Mutual Holding Company (April 2007), a mutual insurer, serving as Chair of the Audit Committee and Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee of Affiliate Company, Life Story Interactive, Inc. and director of Affiliate Company, Fidelity Life Association (June 2002);  The Northern Trust Corporation (April 2006), a  financial services company, serving as Chair of the Business Risk Committee; and Prudential Retail Mutual Funds (March 2005), a diversified  fund complex.

Ms. Bynoe is a former corporate director of : (1) Lafayette American Bank and Trust (March 1994), a publicly traded community bank, serving on it’s Audit Committee and a seven member Executive Committee responsible for overseeing the bank’s operations, asset/liability management, and strategic planning. Ms. Bynoe was part of a recapitalization team and actively worked with senior management in the restructuring and sale of the Company in July, 1996; (2) Walden Residential Properties, Inc. (February 1994), a publicly traded multi-family real estate investment trust, serving on the Audit Committee and a five member Executive Committee established to take an active role in restructuring senior management, providing financial oversight and strategic planning. As Chair of the Compensation Committee, Ms. Bynoe was involved in complex compensation issues, contract termination negotiations and executive buyouts precipitated by the sale of the Company in July 2000;  (3) Chart House Enterprises, Inc. (March 1998), a publicly traded multi-unit restaurant chain, having served as Chair of the Audit Committee, until the sale of the Company in July 2002; (4) Angelo and Maxie's, Inc. (July 2002), a publicly traded multi-unit restaurant chain, having served as Chair of the Audit Committee, until the sale of the Company in November 2004;  (5) CitiStreet Funds, Inc.(May 1993-February 2005), a diversified mutual fund affiliate of CitiGroup and State Street Corp., having served as Chair of the Audit Committee and the Corporate Governance Committee;  (6) AM-CH, Inc. (November 2004) a restaurant holding company, having served as Chair of the Audit Committee until the proposed dissolution of the Company in February 2005;  (7) Dynegy Inc. (September 2002-May 2006), a Fortune 500 independent power generation company, serving as a director through the Company's financial and strategic self-restructuring; and (8) Simon Property Group, Inc. (May 2003-May 2012), a Fortune 500 real estate investment trust engaged in the ownership and management of retail real estate, serving on its Compensation, Governance and Nominating Committees.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree, Magna Cum Laude from Northeastern University in 1975, she began her professional career in public accounting obtaining her license as a Certified Public Accountant. Ms. Bynoe was an associate on the audit client services team for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Ms. Bynoe graduated from the Harvard University  Graduate School of Business with a Masters in Business Administration in 1978 and joined the international investment banking firm of Morgan Stanley, New York. She began her eleven year tenure in the Capital Markets Division where she provided investment advice to major institutional and corporate clients on a wide range of fixed-income products and designed strategic investment plans. As a Vice-President, Ms. Bynoe was part of a start-up team that serviced corporate treasurers for asset/liability based products, debt repurchase and interest rate hedging strategies. She was also a licensed securities, commodities and investment broker.

Ms. Bynoe supports and is actively involved in numerous philanthropic and civic organizations.

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